Tournament Playing Rules:

1- All players registered in tournament should be followed all rule.

2- Make sure that u all read EULA or download it.

3- Best of 3 round play, until final stage comes.

4- The Player Show Inactive Response In Skype Chat Will Be Give free win to opponent.

5- A result Blog Is Open During Tournament On Website;
[All player attach their results on that blog , Or a conversation on SKYPE also created separately for JUNIOR and SENIOR results]

6- But the best way is U have to made Screen-Shots on the last of each match and PM me,

Privately on Skype or at: [email protected]

Better Way To Play Match:

1- The best way to arrange battles is to contact other player on Skype and arrange a best time zone.

2- All Registered Player Automatically Added By Admin Of Clan In Skype Conversation;

(Restrictively said that no-one add any other person on that conversation by himself)

[Other-Wise, He will be kicked out or Any other punishment will give to him]

3- On the start of any match player will report clan leader about match starts;

like this:

[The match b/w aarshe & Oberonq Has started now]

4- No one can say before any update on challonge that i win the match; The leader and co-leader will argument each other and then upload win status on challonge.

(It could be take 1-12 Hours to Update) BE PATIENT!

5- Strictly Announced That If Admin Of Clan Notice Any Objection In Battle; The Battle could Be Arrange By Them Again and Again Until We Not Satisfy.