By: Angel_0f_War | January 31, 2017

A Strict Reminder To All:

"Alert, all clan members (even co-leader) on 1st-February-2017 Most-Wanted update in clan is coming out"

The update has following features:

  • Automatic Email Based Attendance System ---> You received an email daily in 24hrs, --- listen time of receiving email may be differ due to time zone difference so be patience but it 100% sure that u received it daily --- So, you have to reply it in a manner *(i.e Respected Leader; I'm active on game for 20 minutes, now you can check if you want otherwise i will be go offline after this given time).
    Moreover, never though to deceive me, if u want to do this then do it on your own responsibility i am surely telling that i give serious punish or may be kick-o...

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By: Angel_0f_War | December 14, 2016

Final Stage

---  Angel_Of_I3eauty Wins ---

By: Angel_0f_War | December 14, 2016


By: Angel_0f_War | December 06, 2016

Hope; All Registered Member Will Enjoy It.


Final Prize Is 30 days Premium,  Bronze Prize Is 7 days Premium or 6k (12k) Crystals

By: Angel_0f_War | December 04, 2016

Training Days:-

On Saturday ---> 10:00Pm-12:00Am GMT +5
On Sunday ---> 9:00Pm-12:00Am GMT +5

Best Regards Clan Leader

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